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Sunday, December 12, 2010

entry arrow3:43 PM | Red Letter Day

It took me quite a while to see Will Gluck's Easy A [2010]. It wasn't showing locally before I went to the U.S., and I almost got to see it in Coralville in Iowa but I really had no time to spare for what I knew to be Hollywood junkfood cinema. An interesting one, I must say, but still junk. I enjoyed it, but like most critics, I felt it betrayed the spark of its inspiration by being flatfooted and being unsure about where it was going with its story. Which is sad, because it has Emma Stone -- an actress with so much presence and brightness in her she should already be a star -- as the presumed and highly misunderstood high school slut . Plus it has a stellar supporting cast playing such quirky characters. And it has a certain post-modern referential bent (it knows John Hughes! Cameron Crowe! Nathaniel Hawthorne! Mark Twain!) that makes it endearing. But in the end, all that good stuff just don't add up to a good film. But for a lazy Sunday afternoon waiting out the rain while you watch the paint on your new bookshelves dry, it might be good enough to watch.


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