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Sunday, July 18, 2021

entry arrow5:39 PM | Hinay-Hinay

Maghinay-hinay ra ko, please. I’ve already written 5,500 words on the subject pero grabe ka kulang gihapon, mao nang nahimo syang series. I’m slowly putting in pieces for a wide-ranging analysis nga kaya nako. In Part 1, I began by using cultural context and history. In Part 2, I’m trying to put in various examples of public works projects throughout history, with different purposes and different outcomes — with a bit of personal confessions. Wala pa gyud ko kaabot sa reclamation itself. I’m taking my time because I am realizing the issue is sooo complex — not just environmental and economic, but also cultural and political, including new inputs like an unbelievable Chinese incursion behind the scenes, the powerful opposition from so many groups even including the BTS Army, a specific entry of a particular urban planner I cannot mention, etc. I’ve always believed in journalism that takes a stand, but arriving at it by not seeing things in black and white, by being able to see the nuances, and by being able to connect all the widespread dots. Ganahan ko maka-answer sa “why,” a question thats often left out in journalism. Ngano mang isog kaayo ta sa plano? [Pero naa pud uban nga sige’g “Change is essential to progress.” Tinuod ba?] Ngano mang na-entertain man ni ni Ipe nga plano? Unsa sa Dumaguete og sa pagka-Dumagueteño naka-resulta aning isyuha? Kapoy baya, pero feeling nako kinahanglan.

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