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Friday, February 10, 2023

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Every time I wear this Narra watch, I remember this was given to me by the s.o. for my birthday in the second year of the pandemic. It was something I saw in a Facebook ad, and I casually told him I found the watch with its bamboo elements cool. He quietly took note of that, and he then sprang it to me as a surprise. He didn't have to; this was an expensive gift — but he knew I needed a watch, and bought it anyway, even with meager resources. I saw a movie a few days ago where one character pronounces that “love is all about paying attention,” and I think that’s true. Renz is all attention and care, and I’m grateful. I have an emotional attachment to this watch that tells me someone out there loves me, and that’s something to celebrate. I get into a mood sometimes where I feel that the world does not care. So this is a constant reminder that somebody does.

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