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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

entry arrow11:49 AM | Joel Schumacher, 1939-2020

You can tell that Joel Schumacher [1939-2020] started off his filmmaking career as a set designer [he did Interiors, one of my favorite Woody Allen films] by the meticulousness of his films' set designs -- from the gilded opulence of The Phantom of the Opera to the confined space of Phone Booth, from the bloody caverns of The Lost Boys to the comic extravaganza of his Gotham in Batman Forever, from the spooky medical sets of Flatliners to the twentysomething spaces of St. Elmo's Fire. Most of the time, as a director, he never rises above his origins, giving us pictures that are pretty nice to look at, but there's not much there unfortunately. Many of them you enjoy, many became huge hits, and some might even be memorable, but ... but ... [Sigh.] I still have not forgiven him for the travesty of Batman & Robin, a film so bad he found himself apologizing for making it years later. It remains my prime example of Hollywood at its worst. But rest in peace.

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