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Saturday, August 21, 2004

entry arrow1:47 PM | Down in the Dumps

I have forgotten what real sleep was like. This is my nth day of endless nights and grinding days, made bearable only by the string of brewed coffee I've drunk in an effort to catch up with all that I have to do. Or die trying. So far, I think, I'm on track, but barely. There's an awards show to direct, a journal to edit, two lecture-fora to set-up, a website to design, an anthology to assemble, an article or two to submit, papers to write, exams to study for, books to read before the deadliest deadlines, and a personal life to take care of. Mom Edith Tiempo admonishes me that I'm spreading myself too thin. Actually I'm not: these are just the normal number of responsibilities I've always had. August, when we celebrate Silliman's Founders Week, just becomes a natural pressure cooker for me and for everyone else. (That's why I can't wait for September.) It all makes me wish I can be Superman with a thirty-four hour day. The day after my birthday, I decided to treat myself out for a full body masagge that lasted more than an hour -- my oasis in the current desert I find myself in. What a month.

Will post soon when I get through all these.

Congratulations to Rosmon Tuazon, Naya Valdellon, Gelo Suarez, Glenn Mas, and Joel Toledo for winning the Palanca! I am sooooooo proud of you guys!

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