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Thursday, December 16, 2004

entry arrow9:47 PM | Manila's Mobs

Remember last May when people refused to vote for Roco because (1) sayang daw ang vote, and (2) that he is dying from prostrate cancer, anyway? Well, GMA won. And we since have known that #1 was largely a myth probably encouraged by a segurista encumbent, and #2 ... Well, well, well. What can we say about this now. Roco, as of last report, has never been healthy and vigorous as now. And FPJ, the so-called frontrunner? He's dead. From a heart attack.

Oh, how time can prove so ... ironic. Meanwhile, TV and print newshounds are going all so-circusy about the whole FPJ funeral deal. Enough already. And now there's talk about toppling down government. And there are these floating comparisons of Da King's death to Ninoy's. I am thinking, "Whaa...?"

My God, what a country. Or maybe it is just Manila? The rest of the Philippines seems so much saner. Hardly anyone in Dumaguete, for example, has exchanged two words about FPJ's death. Other things seem more important. Like life. Yesterday, a bunch of students were going classroom to classrom soliciting donations for the Quezon flood victims. I tell you, some people just have the strangest passions.

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