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Friday, December 03, 2004

entry arrow11:50 AM | Yoyong? What Yoyong?

Was supposed to be in Manila yesterday. Was all packed, had my plane ticket, all ready to go. I was supposed to be one of the panelists on "Literature in a Real Hurry," focusing on Philippine literature and the Internet for the PEN Philippine Chapter literary conference. Couldn't wait to share insights with co-panelists Susan Lara and Marjorie Evasco (two of my beloved writing mentors), and Shirley Lua, Mila Aguilar, and Gerardo Torres. But Yoyong was brewing just a little bit off Manila, and something in my guts told me "Don't go... Don't go."

And I didn't. I wasn't even scared by the storm. I've braved similar ones for Manila-bound trips before. And I kinda enjoy having my taxi wade through floods like a boat. It's so cute. Nothing like that ever happens in Dumaguete.

Later that night, Ma'am Susan texted me: "PEN postponed. GMA orders NCCA closed Friday due to Yoyong."

Now, wasn't that the best call I made on my trip, eh? Like Mark said, "Always trust your instincts." So today, classes have been called off in Dumaguete as well because of Yoyong. Which is so funny ironic. It's so bright and sunny here, everybody's heading to the beach instead. Done that a while ago in the new resort down in Dauin town, Pura Vida. Before that, my brothers and I woke early for puto maya (suman for you Tagalogs, and rice cake for the rest of you) and tsokolate at the tsiangge, and then an hour of sweaty badminton over at The Court.

Gotta love Dumaguete.

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