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Friday, February 25, 2005

entry arrow5:27 PM | For Someone Wearing a Skirt, He Sure Says Some Awfully Funny Things

As a lapsed Protestant but full-time Christian and humanist, I considered it a point of pride that I looked up to this man as a towering symbol of spirituality, muscular intellect, and integrity. He was a man usually unfazed of tiring traditions, ready to embrace necessary change to reflect the spirit of the times. He wasn't like that primitive Pope who once forced Galileo to recant his astronomical sacrilege. I considered him a good man.

Not anymore. (Click that to find out.)

There are no words to explain why, and I will let my good friend, and extraordinary logophile, Dyames to say the things I want to say, but can't:

Poor us. With the Vatican's hateful opinion of homosexuals everywhere, we have officially been lowered to the level of the banal, the perverse, and the debauched. To say that we are evil is to justify the Larami killing and a host of others before it. To tag us as un-Christian is to animalize faith. If there was anyone in the world who should bestow sympathy on us, it should be the Pope himself. After all, he personifies God and embodies his soul. Is bigotry of God's? It's of the devil's.

No truer words, James. And thanks for that, despite the sad implications it brings. Here's more.

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