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Sunday, March 06, 2005

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Jade is right. Anna Quindlen's essay about Christo's The Gates for Newsweek is wonderful. (She has always been a favorite. I love her breezy style, her effortless charm without going too far to become cheesy.) I wished I could be there in Central Park, too, soaking up all that "Hara Krishna" orange. (Maybe I could do that to the Dumaguete City Hall. You know, cover the whole thing with tarpaulin -- and then locking it up that way forever. Clueless Perdices wouldn't be able to get in. Harharhar!)


A very old white man on a bicycle and tank tops is getting famous around Dumaguete for speeding around town, and yelling, "Hallloooo youuuuuuu!" to everybody on the road. He should be declared an official tourist attraction.


Nerve.com has declared that Eon McKai is the New Pornographer. Grant Stoddard reports that "McKai's debut, Art School Sluts (2004), is perhaps the only porn film to be inspired by Daniel Clowes. With her numerous tattoos and jet-black shag cut, the film's breakout starlet (named, appropriately, Brooklyn) and her male counterpart, the gangly James Deen, look as comfortable having sex on tape as they would strap-hanging her way back to Williamsburg. The rest of the movie isn't flawless — the storyline doesn't exactly improve on porn's reputation for narrative, and when it comes to male talent, McKai relied too heavily on the San Fernando sausage factory -- but it marks a moment." Oh, I bet you wanna see what that looks like. Don't you.


Bubu has a new camera phone. He's been taking pictures of everything. And I mean, everything. Hehehe.


For what it's worth, I love Million Dollar Baby. It was really the best of the whole lot. And deserved its Oscar win. But I still say, Martin Scorsese was robbed!


And people, people... Kristyn is okay. She's just... "readjusting." Plus she saw Cher the other night, and is still hyperventilating. She reportedly called Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez "them bitches." Bwahahaha! When the Village People came on, she called me up long-distance to make me listen to "Y.M.C.A." Unfortunately, my phone was off. (She didn't know that, though. In the din, she couldn't hear the busy signal.) Where was I? I was watching Linda Marlowe, dammit. Hehehe.


Hey. Nerve indeed seems cool again. Here's an excerpt from Adam Boyle's "29 Thoughts on the Apparent Sexiness of Oscar Night 2005":

20. Isn't it crazy that Hilary Swank has won two Oscars? To me, she'll always be Carly, Steve's girlfriend on 90210.

21. I mean, isn't Jennie Garth sitting at home saying, "Where's my Million Dollar Baby, bee-atch?"

Am in stitches!


It even has a Sex in Film quiz! Take it.

I scored a hundred percent. (I've seen too many movies, apparently.)


And because people have been asking. Who's my American Idol?

Mario Vazquez, of course. Because he's cocky and talented, that's why.

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