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Friday, April 01, 2005

entry arrow9:13 PM | Bubble-Ganged

Bubble Gang was shooting in Dumaguete today.

I mean, seriously.

This is no April Fool's joke, people.

Although that would have been appropriate, no?

But really.

Saw Antonio Aquitania naked, at least waist up. Seemed chubbier than I saw him last. In the Bench underwear show. Cebu version. Several eons ago.

I wanted to high-five Michael V. Or Ogie Alcasid, who was in drag. He looked strangely like Michelle van Eimeren.

They were shooting in the new CBA Building in Silliman. Then the Ballfield. There were hordes of Dumaguete jologs wanting to get a glimpse of their comedy idols. It was all very embarassing. I still remember the days when a true Dumagueteno would just snob these people every time they came to town. Some people older than me still recound the times Christopher de Leon and a host of other movie stars descended on Dumaguete to shoot Kamakalawa, and nobody gave them a second look. Not even when they were strolling down our main streets, or watching a movie downtown, or visiting the girls in Silliman's dorms. Nobody looked. Now, we have become like the rest of showbiz-infatuated Philippines. What happened?

Today, Kuya Moe was running around, borrowing people's sneakers. The Dumaguete extras weren't wearing any. He would just approach any flabbergasted bystander and tell them to hand-over their footwear, pronto.

This is no April Fool joke.


Nobody punked me today, though.

Which is just so sad.

On that note, I am announcing to the world I have decided to become a transgendered woman.


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