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Friday, April 15, 2005

entry arrow10:08 PM | I Never Thought I'd Live to See the Day...

... when pigs actually do fly.

Just caught a glimpse of the fantaserye Krystala on ABS-CBN, and they were showing Judy Ann Santos, as the superheroine of the title, soaring through the air in flight. Imagine that. Judy Ann Santos, in all her hefty glory. Flying. Her flying pose has the camera catching her at the sides, so you can actually see all those fleshy bumps struggling to get out of her blue costume. Forgive me for this, but the first thought that came into my head was, "Oh my God, a flying pig." Really.

I burst out laughing -- which was not easy considering that I pulled a belly muscle last week by overextending and being overambitious at the gym. That laugh pretty much hurt a lot.

That this post is not politically correct is a given. I do know of some plus-size people who are incredibly sexy. (One's a writer/friend, who is very much close to my heart. You know who you are. And Nick Joaquin's Amada in "The Summer Solstice" is another one.) So please forgive me. It's just the whole Judy Ann thing, hehehehe. I don't get it. Krystala. Hehehe.

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