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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

entry arrow9:25 PM | A Viewing Report Card

I think I gave up on Filipino films this year. Perhaps because of lack of time, or perhaps I just didn't want to be disappointed again. See, this here below is my sorry report card in Filipino film viewing. All things marked with an X, I've watched. So let's see how I fared....

[ ] Uno (Ronnie Ricketts)
[ ] Let the Love Begin (Mac Alejandre)
[ ] Dreamboy (Gilbert Perez)
[ ] Bunso (Sadhana Buxani and Ditsi Carolino)
[ ] Melancholy (Raymond Red)
[ ] Diliman (Ramon Mez de Guzman)
[ ] Romeo Must Rock (Roxlee)
[ ] Salvaged Commercialism (Raymond Red)
[ ] Bathhouse (Crisaldo Pablo)
[ ] Birhen ng Manaoag (Ben Yalung)
[ ] Bahay ni Lola 2 (Joven Tan)
[x] Santa Santita (Laurice Guillen)
[x] Boso (Jon Red)
[ ] Can This Be Love (Jose Javier Reyes)
[ ] Nasaan Ka Man (Cholo Laurel)
[x] Bikini Open (Jeffrey Jeturian)
[x] La Visa Loca (Mark Meilly)
[ ] Pepot Artista (Clodualdo Del Mundo Jr.)
[ ] Pinoy/Blonde (Peque Gallaga)
[ ] D'Anothers (Joyce Bernal)
[ ] 24 Hours (Jose Aurelio Lozano)
[ ] Tandog sa Baryo Sanghay (John Paul Seniel)
[ ] Mga Pusang Gala (Ellen Ongkeko-Marfil)
[ ] Lovestruck (Louie Ignacio)
[ ] Dubai (Rory B. Quintos)
[ ] Tuli (Auraeus Solito)
[x] Masahista (Brillante Mendoza)
[ ] Bilog (Crisaldo Pablo)
[x] Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros (Auraeus Solito)
[ ] Shake, Rattle and Roll 2k5 (Richard Somes, Uro dela Cruz, and Rico Maria Ilarde)
[ ] Exodus: Tale of the Enchanted Kingdom (Erik Matti)
[ ] Enteng Kabisote 2: The Legend Continues (Tony Y. Reyes)
[ ] Terrorist Hunter (Val Iglesias)
[ ] Blue Moon (Joel Lamangan)
[x] Mulawin (Mark Reyes and Dominic Zapanta)
[ ] Ako Legal Wife: Mano Po 4?! (Joel Lamangan)
[ ] Kutob (Jose Javier Reyes)

That's seven movies I've watched out of the 37 released this year. Dismal. (But I did include some out-of-reach short films and documentaries in this list.) Ayay, I miss the mid-1990s. Now those were the years...

Ikaw, alin ang napanood mo?


[0] This is Where You Bite the Sandwich