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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

entry arrow9:28 PM | Identity Thief

Somebody's masquerading as me in Paolo Manalo's blog, using for his identity the handle 'eatingthesun' with my blog URL as his address. The thief gives the following comment regarding the whole national artist brouhaha (I didn't know a one-sentence opinion invoking the word "sabong" could land me with such unwanted attention, and stalkers):

Why don't you just come clean and admit that you have something personal against Krip?

Sir Krip is a friend and early mentor, and Dumaguete buddy. But not many people know that Paolo and I are also good friends and sometime textmates. (Yes, the Philippine literary circle is soooo small...) He published my first story in the Philippines Free Press ten thousand years ago, and he's one of only a few people who has been honest about my fiction -- a constant guide really, and goader, too. Chari Lucero considers him the komadrona of her stories. So do I. For example, Paolo woke me up one night in 2003, telling me that I must submit a new story for FP as soon as possible. So I got up from my bed, and cranked something out. That story, "Old Movies," was written specifically for Paolo, and won me my first Palanca.

So this whole episode of somebody posing as me, and giving such an oblique comment in his blog -- totally not me.

Get a life, thief. If you can't put a name behind your own opinion, just shut the fuck up.

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