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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

entry arrow9:29 AM | A New Way of Blogging Life

I've been retooling my template for the past two days now. I feel that this year, I want my blog -- complete with new image banners uploaded every single week -- to reflect who I really am, as well as chart faithfully what I do. I now have a favicon courtesy of FavIcon From Pics and a new host FileDen, which does not discriminate over which files to upload. (A favicon is that squarish picture you see right beside the URL -- and is a geek-snobby way of saying, "Hey, I look more pro than you do." Here's how to upload.) I've gotten Feedblitz to give me RSS feed, especially for dear friends and family faraway who still have to get used to the fact that blogging for me trumps email anytime, anyday. I've tweaked by Technorati presence, and offered myself up to PLU Blogs. I've jazzed up my links via Snap. I've placed banners for my favorite advocacies (WWF, Greenpeace, Make Poverty History, etc.), and conjured the phases of the moon (hey, it's a full moon tonight). I've began charting my movie-watching and book-reading habits to make sure my head doesn't go soft. And I swear to blog every single day. Is that a resolution? Oh dear God.

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