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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

entry arrow4:52 PM | After Frank

Everybody knows I have no taste for the sun despite being an island boy. I live for snow and rain. I think better in cool days, and gnarl my teeth when the sun's too bright. Today, it is hot and humid once more, as it had been two weeks ago. Then, I kept praying in earnest for cooler days: please bring in some much-needed rain. It did. Somebody up there listened. And brought in Frank, who "sashayed across the Philippines like a drag queen" (Joel's take the other night), or "sliced the country like a filet knife" (Todd's take the other day). Take your pick of metaphors. When the skies turned dark Thursday and Friday, it felt beautiful. The rains in Dumaguete never really amount to much, and what we had were romantic blackouts (complete with candlelit dinners) and a continuous gentle patter outside our windows. I spent all of Friday talking to friends as we cocooned in the darkness of our common room. Beautiful day, we said. We simply had no idea of the floods that were rampaging up north, the boats that were sinking, the lives that were lost.

Be careful what you pray for, you might get it.


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