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Monday, July 14, 2008

entry arrow10:23 AM | Miss USA and the Floor

A brief observation while watching Miss Universe 2008: there seems to be some kind of magnetic attraction between the butts of recent Miss USAs and the floor. In the tradition of Rachel Smith who last year went bum-bum on the floor during the evening gown competition, the highly-anticipated-to-win Crystle Stewart exactly did the same thing. (According to Mark, who's the Miss Universe aficionado in this part of town: "How dare she disappoint me!")

But Crystle naman got up with more grace and spunk. Rachel just gritted through a thin smile right after. Crystle, on the other hand, got up and clapped -- but afterwards she did look flustered. Compare the two:

Look back at Crystle. The question was obviously clear in the professional beauty queen's face when all the top ten finalists lined up for the category's finale: What the heck just happened? Did that just happen to me? Here's hoping that her instinctive move post-fall was worth some saving grace. But I bet the judges were already covering their eyes when she did that, and gave her a measly average score of 8. Yikes.

(The International Herald Tribune breaks this story first.)

Miss Spain looks like an Internet puta. I want Miss Kosovo to win the crown, but she won't -- and now my best has to be either Miss Colombia or Miss Venezuela. Still, this has got to be the most boring Miss Universe in years.

Whoever wins, I don't care. The Philippines has sent a drunken-sounding girl to the pageant again -- and we will never ever win the crown as long as foreigners dominate Bb. Pilipinas' judging panel and dinosaurs like Pitoy Moreno and Stella Marquez Araneta remain the honchos to determine our international beauty queen-wannabes. 


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