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Saturday, September 06, 2008

entry arrow7:52 PM | Saying Goodbye to Babies

Coping with the fact of mortality is one of the first things you learn about keeping pets. You are constantly made aware about how small, and fleeting, life can be. Over the past two months, my older pets have died on me. First, there was Billy, my cockatiel, a handsome bird if ever there was one. Then, two days ago, Alfalfa, my beautiful slate grey mouse. And now -- and this is where my heart bleeds the most -- my princess, Shandi, my brown banded Syrian hamster. She was special. I never usually like Syrian hamsters, preferring instead the easy cuteness of Russian dwarves. But, years ago, I found myself in a pet store, and there was this ball of fur that looked so wet and miserable from the bad conditions of the shop; she took one look at me, and I felt moved to adopt her. That was Shandi, who eventually proved to be the sweetest thing on four legs.

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