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Thursday, December 02, 2010

entry arrow10:54 AM | Inspiration is Nonsense

“I think inspiration is nonsense, actually. Every so often, I mean like one day in twenty or something, you will have a day when the work seems to just flow out of you and you feel lucky. You feel and are often surprised, and you don’t quite know why it is working like that. And on days like that, it’s easy to believe in a kind of inspiration, but most of the time it’s not like that… I wish there were more of those days, but most of the time it’s a lot slower and more exploratory, and it’s more a process of discovering what you have to do than just simply have it arrive like a flame over your head. So, I do think it’s to do with concentration, not inspiration. It’s to do with paying attention, and I think a great deal of the business of writing is the business of paying attention to your characters, to the world they live in, to the story you have to tell. Just a kind of deep attention, and out of that, if you pay attention properly, the story will tell you what it needs.”

~ Salman Rushdie

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