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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

entry arrow12:23 PM | Simple Glory

It's not a well-made film, but there's something about the quiet and earnestness of David Lewis's Rock Haven [2007] that makes it somehow work. Not by much, but you finish it wanting to pat the filmmaker on the back and say, "Nice one, dude." Or something to that effect, which may be a tad patronizing admittedly. But I admire it without liking it very much as a piece of filmmaking. It goes into uncharted territory, after all: this is about a fiercely evangelical boy in a small seaside town who struggles with his newfound sexuality after being introduced to the boy next door. The usual drama ensues, but the film does not exactly lead us to the usual paths in narratives like this, and in fact tries to make complete human beings of all the characters involved, even when the acting often comes off as wooden and caricaturish. Nevertheless. Do I recommend this? Not exactly, but if you have enough time on your hands, this is harmless fluff that feels nice in places, but that's about it.

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