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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

entry arrow2:45 AM | Fruity Metaphors

Two boys figure in a minor accident. Later, spending the day together, they talk about girls ... and kissing. One boy brags about the number of girls he has kissed, and says nonchalantly, "I started early." He asks the other boy how many girls he has kissed -- and the boy demures, and the first boy's eyes widen: "You haven't been kissed?" That's all you need to know about this short film, just enough for you to take an interest and see it. (Watch the film here.) I like Kristian Pithie's Oranges [2004]. It has a simplicity of form to it that hides a knowing greatness. There is great tension here, and also great empathy, and all of this spring out from the careful embodiment of roles our two young actors fill. But what I like most is the way it gives us an acutely sensory metaphor for the intimate act that the film revolves around: the taste of oranges. Just think of that. Just think of that taste. A biting ripeness, juicy, sweet, perhaps with a little sour kick. And then close your eyes.

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