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Friday, July 01, 2016

entry arrow9:54 PM | Friday Traffic to the Music of "Hotel California"

This afternoon, right after lunch, I was on my way to class when I got caught in Dumaguete traffic -- nothing horrendous like the Manila example; but for a small city, getting stuck for a stretch of even three minutes is "traffic." The tricycle I was in had its own portable music player, and I counted the minutes I was stuck on the road by the songs that blared around me: Rod Stewart singing "Sometimes When We Touch," the Bee Gees singing "You Should Be Dancing," and then for some reason three repetitions of the Eagles' "Hotel California." The music was loud and properly drowned out the drone of the rest of the other vehicles on the road. And I figured: "Heck, I am already late for school. I could walk the rest of the way, but the slight drizzle is not inviting. The world's insane, and the only thing to do is to flow with it -- and the soundtrack for doing that is 'Hotel California'." So I hummed along, the tricycle driver hummed along, the boy beside me in the tricycle hummed along, the entire traffic along Katada Street hummed along. For me, the day I realised I could just hum along to unforeseen obstacles, like Dumaguete traffic, was kind of like a most important day of my life. But for the rest of the world, it was Friday.


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