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Sunday, July 03, 2016

entry arrow2:15 PM | What Exactly is Wrong and Disturbing About #HeterosexualPrideDay

When #HeterosexualPrideDay started trending on Facebook and Twitter, I was both flabbergasted and amused. Amused, because the people behind the hashtag clearly knew no better -- and there is no worse thing and nothing more comical about ignorant people who strut around thinking they know everything. But also flabbergasted because "pride" for gay men and women is a call to fight an overwhelming history of hate, pride as antidote to hate and hiding in the closet.

So here's an exercise of awareness I'm swiping from Equality House‚Äč, apparently cobbled together by Mat Auryn: "In honor of [#HeterosexualPrideDay], here's a map to raise awareness. In green are all the countries where heterosexuals are given less rights than homosexuals. In blue are all the countries where it is illegal to be heterosexual. In red are all the countries where you'll be sentenced to death for being heterosexual or suspicion of heterosexuality. In orange are all the countries where it's still legal to be kidnapped and tortured with 'reparative therapy' for being heterosexual. Heartbreaking. Shameful. Disturbing." Indeed! Why do straight people need Heterosexual Pride Day? Every day is Heterosexual Pride Day, and all of our culture enforces it.

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