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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

entry arrow1:51 PM | Video Essays on Philippine Art and Culture

My YouTube channel is just something I’m trying out for several reasons:

[1] I was surprised to know I already have more than 2K subscribers with hardly any content, which made me feel like this was an untapped platform for me;

[2] I’ve been looking for a YouTube video essayist [parang Vox] on Philippine arts and culture, and there’s none, so I felt there is an unfilled niche;

[3] I need to somehow have an outlet for my teaching persona since I’m not teaching anymore;

[4] I had to find a way to learn to love my video voice [I hate it!]; and

[5] my recording and editing skills are very elementary [I’m only using my Photo Booth camera and my iMovie editing app], but I know all good things start small and that's how you learn anyway: jump off into the deep end.

I have two video essays up on my channel so far—and a bunch of older videos and Eddie Romero movies. Comments welcome, but please be gentle. Subscribe and hit the notification bell if you're so inclined.

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[0] This is Where You Bite the Sandwich