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Thursday, July 22, 2021

entry arrow12:25 PM | Statement on the Reclamation Project from Concerned Writers and Artists of Dumaguete

We, the concerned artists and writers in Dumaguete City, stand against the railroading of the 174-hectare reclamation project. An undertaking of this magnitude—one that can cause irreversible and catastrophic damage to interconnected ecosystems—should not only undergo public scrutiny, but careful and thorough deliberations from experts across different sectors as well.

We stand with fisherfolks whose livelihoods rely on what the seas have to offer and whose work provides the daily sustenance of several communities in the city.

We stand with those in coastal communities whose homes are now threatened by private encroachment.

We stand with environmentalists, marine biologists and scientists—those who tirelessly study and conserve marine biodiversity; those who have worked so hard to rehabilitate and protect Dumaguete’s coastal features; those who do the thankless job of educating us now about the complex entanglements of such delicate ecosystems.

We stand with residents of Dumaguete who now face yet another wave of gentrification and displacement—for who else would be able to afford the skyrocketing property value and increased cost of living once these condos and malls are built?

We stand with policy-makers who say yes to development but not at the expense of the environment.

We stand with lawyers and law practitioners who use their expertise to unpack and explain in detail the potentially exploitative nature of the JVA—something that the elected officers should have done for their constituents, even before agreeing to it.

We stand with the students, youth groups and young professionals in Dumaguete who went all the way to organize a massive show of opposition; to let their voices be heard since they are the ones who will inherit the problems created by this generation.

We stand with Bughaw, the lone pygmy blue whale who sometimes lingers off the coast of Dumaguete, and all marine lives who also call the waters of Negros their home.

There is more to development than just sci-fi utopian aesthetics. The future that we should be aiming for is one that is sustainable and climate-resilient; a future that is inclusive and equitable. Lest we forget, environmental protection is vital to a successful economic development.

Art does not exist in a vacuum—it is grounded and informed by the socio-political struggles of our time. As such, we strive to commit in illuminating, critiquing and challenging injustices that impact our society and immediate community. We call on fellow artists, writers and cultural workers to register your dissent and speak up against the 174 Reclamation Project.


Xteve Abanto, visual artist [new]
Edlyn Abrio, visual artist
Bea Bianca Acas, theatre artist
Annabelle Adriano, writer
Michael Angelo Alano, cultural worker
Stanley Alcala, filmmaker
Merlie Alunan, writer
Andrew Alvarez, filmmaker and musician
Cesar Ruiz Aquino, writer [new]
Kristoffer Ardeña, visual artist
Simon Anton Diego Baena, writer
Andy Bais, theatre artist
Bea Banzuela, photographer
Lendz Barinque, writer and filmmaker
Theodore Boborol, filmmaker
Luigi Borromeo, photographer
Raffy Cabristante, songwriter [new]
Urich Calumpang, photographer
Zhel Calumpang, visual artist
Hersley-Ven Casero, photographer and visual artist
Ian Rosales Casocot, writer
Ramon Adonis Catacutan, visual artist
Kenneth Catipay, theatre artist
Dyck Cediño, visual artist
Nikki Cimafranca, theatre artist
Elsa Victoria Coscolluela, writer [new]
Maverick Rainier Cuello, photographer
Sharon Rose Dadang Rafols, visual artist
JR Dalisay, videographer [new]
Tara Eunice de Leon, writer
Ludendorffo Decenteceo, theatre artist
Angelo Delos Santos, visual artist
Jeauel Deen Diagmel, visual artist
Elle Divine, visual artist
Dan Dvran, visual artist and fashion designer
Hemrod Duran, visual artist
Jean Claire Dy, writer and filmmaker
Paul Benzi Sebastian Florendo, photographer, filmmaker, and visual artist
Cil Flores, visual artist
W Don Flores, visual artist
Denniz Futalan, photographer
Sigrid Gayangos, writer
Michael Aaron Gomez, writer
Ma. Isabel Gutang, visual artist
Bret Jackson, film actor and musician
Maya Jajalla, filmmaker
Jana Jumalon-Alano, visual artist
Francis James Kho, filmmaker
Mark James Kho, filmmaker
Junsly Kitay, theatre artist [new]
Flomil Rey Labarento, visual artist
Irma Lacorte, visual artist
Susan Severino Lara, writer
Kenzo Laxina, photographer
KM Levis, writer
Cheenee Vasquez Limuaco, dance artist
Amiel Lopez, writer
John R. Lumapay, theatre artist
Jessica Lupisan, visual artist
Frances Makil Ignacio, theatre artist
Ben S. Malayang III, writer
Faye Mandi, visual artist
Steven Michael, visual artist
Grace Monte de Ramos, writer
Andre Snoopy Montenegro, photographer
Krystann Dave Morong, visual artist
Alana Narciso, writer
Vic Nocete, dance artist
John Macklien A. Olandag, writer
Jean Henri Oracion, photographer
Dessa Quesada-Palm, writer and theatre artist
Jirah Martweven Palopalo, theatre artist
Chanel Pepino, visual artist
Paul Pfeiffer, visual artist
Onna Rhea Cabio Quizo, visual and theatre artist
Ted Regencia, writer
Lina Sagaral Reyes, writer
Dominique Kylene B. Roleda, writer
Sarah Jean Ruales, visual artist
Totem Yap Saa, visual artist
Jean Aldemer Seroje Salgados, writer
Paola Salutin, visual artist
Ra'z Salvarita, visual artist
Yudi Santillan III, writer
Lakambini Sitoy, writer
Jomar Allan Solania, filmmaker
Danilo Luces Sollesta, visual artist
Ned Solis, photographer
Lorie Jayne Soriano, musician and filmmaker
John Fergus Lloyd Stevenson, photographer and filmmaker [new]
Sonia B. SyGaco, writer
Elaine Tacubanza, photographer
Rojan Bungcasan Talita, theatre artist
Anthony L. Tan, writer
Cristina Taniguchi, visual artist
Earnest Hope Tinambacan, writer, musician, and theatre artist
Iris Tirambulo, visual artist
Renz Torres, writer and filmmaker
Rowena Tiempo Torrevillas, writer
Risa Mei Tubio, visual artist
Joshua Umbac, writer
Danielle Ureta-Spontak, writer and filmmaker
Mariana G. Varela, visual artist and filmmaker
Junelie Velonta, writer
Joel M. Villanueva Jr., writer
Alex Villarino, visual artist
Lyde Gerard Villanueva, writer
Shareen Anjali Bael Warad, filmmaker
Babbu Wenceslao, visual artist [new]
Katrina Yaco, filmmaker


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