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Monday, May 31, 2004

entry arrow8:51 PM | After the Wedding

The dank smell of an apartment gone to grimy neglect assaulted me when I turned the key to let myself in after a weekend of being away. It was the first indication I was indeed home, back to my own reality. Here we go again, I tell myself. Back from a blissful, although very brief, Cebu break. The wedding was wonderful, and Beth was a lovely bride. More wonderful though was my time spent alone in the middle of a very big city. I was nothing else but a dot in the surge of humanity and taxi cabs, and it felt good to be anonymous for once. It felt like freedom.

More about my Cebu trip later. I still have an apartment to clean, you know, and laundry to wash, and reality to haul in, in the guise of breaking schedule in my appointment book for the next few days...

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