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Friday, September 03, 2004

entry arrow1:09 AM | Doubt

I finally got to watch Cris Pablo's acclaimed (and quite infamous) Duda, which appears to be the first Filipino digital film about gay and lesbian life in the Philippines. I was blown away by Andoy Ranay's very subtle (and effective) performance as a pining (and whining?) lover, but not so much for the ungainly script which just went on and on and on ... Pablo's characters are unfortunately undeveloped. And the amateur aspects of the production sometimes threaten to overwhelm our interest in the story. But I really don't want to complain.

I like the film.

I love its bravery and courage, and I love its pioneering feel. Not a lot of mainstream entertainment give a good, unbiased look on the lives of queer men and women in this country. ABS-CBN, for example, is known for putting a spin on stereotypes of the community, making monkeys of us all. (Remember all those news exposes about "immoral" gay life, which basically serve to titillate a homophobic, albeit homo-interested, public? Gays news are always a ratings booster for TV Patrol. Remember Buttercup, and the dreadful gay portrayal by Onemig Bondoc?) Not this film. This has Pinoy Queer as Folk written all over it, and I'm happy for that. Now, if we could just buckle down and make a really good film about the way we truly live....

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