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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

entry arrow3:53 PM | More Stupid, Ugly Freaks

If you've been reading some of the comments either in Tagboard and Haloscan -- that is, if you've been fast enough to get to them before I deleted most of them -- you would have noticed that I do attract some crazies. Homophobes, rabid pedants, religious slimeballs, schizoids na walang k, and anonymous hecklers. Tsk, tsk. Of course, I take this as a badge of honor. But sometimes I think: Why the heck are they in my blog?

I'm on the third day of my diet -- and so far, no fainting spells, only tempting memories of rich food. Ginny and I have made a pact (a wager!) that we will lose 25 lbs. before the year is over. (Although I told Ginny she looks sexy the way she is. I mean, come on, not everybody can boast of a fashion spread in Cosmopolitan magazine!) I've restructured my diet na, Skyflakes and plain water being dinner, and vegetables being lunch, without rice at all; and tomorrow, I start gym. I feel thin already.

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