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Friday, December 31, 2004

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From Naya Valdellon, for the New Year:

"To feel an end is to discover that there had been a beginning. A parenthesis closes that we hadn't realized was open."

-- James Richardson

I'd been waiting for that one poetic quote from Naya all day, to sum up everything. Thanks, Cheshire Cat.


It's the last day of another year. Do you know where you are?


My dearest Tintin Ongpin just happened to post the lyrics of one of my favorite songs, from Jonathan Larson's acclaimed musical Rent. Some illuminating excerpts from Seasons of Love:

    525,600 minutes,

    525,000 moments so dear.

    525,600 minutes...

    How do you measure, measure a year?

    In daylights, in sunsets,

    In midnights, in cups of coffee.

    In inches, in miles,

    In laughter, in strife.

    In 525,600 minutes...

    How do you measure

    A year in the life?

    How about love?


    How can you measure

    The life of a woman or man?

    In truths that she learned,

    Or in times that he cried.

    In bridges he burned,

    Or the way that she died.

Strangely appropriate for today, eh?


Here's Dean Alfar with the best Barbie sketch this year. He writes: "I swear, I cannot last for more than five minutes playing Barbie. They soon acquire voices and do things when Sage is not looking." Which is soooo true. (There's no permalink, so scroll down to the December 29 post, with the title "Save Me, Save Me.")


Just in. J. Neil C. Garcia's New Year text message, something from R. Carver:

    And did you get what

    you wanted from this life, even so?

    I did.

    And what did you want?

    To call myself beloved, to feel myself

    beloved on the earth.

Well, I feel loved. Then I must have really lived.


And finally, here's how you can vent your holiday generosity. If you can, of course. We have 110,000 dead so far, folks. That's a lot of people.


With that, I go forth into the waning hours, and make the most out of this last day. See you next year, folks! (A few hours more.) Here's to old hopes and newer resolves ... to friends and lovers ... to wine, song, and poetry ... to forgetting and remembering. Have a happy new year. Really.

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