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Sunday, January 30, 2005

entry arrow1:42 AM | A Heritage of Tyrannical Holy-ism*

Oh, great. The holier-than-thou's are at it again. This time sourpussing because Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ did not get an Oscar nomination for Best Picture. This is from CNN.com's showbiz page:

Patrick Hynes, a married, 32-year-old father and advertising copywriter, collected 25,000 signatures on a petition on his Web site, passionforfairness.com. He sent it to the academy -- but received no response.

Disappointed by the announcement of Oscar nominees on Tuesday, the groups briefly considered boycotting movie theaters and targeting companies that will advertise on the ABC Oscar broadcast on February 27 in hopes of demonstrating some economic muscle.

"I briefly floated the idea of a boycott of Hollywood -- and certainly the Oscars -- but in the end I don't think that would be productive, so I decided against it," said Hynes, who is based in Washington.

More of this trash here.

So it finally comes down to this: a Christian dictatorship of cultural taste. Now we are truly back to the Middle Ages. No wonder they also called that era "Dark." I shudder over how we can actually live in such a time.

Although, thinking about it, I really want Hollywood to jump into the Bible bandwagon. And then to have that film totally flop. That would be Divine justice.

* "Hey, Ian! What do you have against Christians ba?" Nothing, really, except that most of them are hypocritical shitheads. And I'm talking from personal experience.

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