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Saturday, February 05, 2005

entry arrow4:35 PM | Whoops!

Talk about being absent-minded. If you've noticed that something's a little different about the blog design, it's because the template's back to the original. Why? Earlier, I wanted to change the template of my archive page, which looked bland. So I copy-pasted something down, but instead of pasting the code on my Archive template, I pasted it on the Main Blog template instead. And without even thinking twice, clicked the Publish button. Which, of course, meant that everything I'd tweaked to make the How to Live page look the way it did evaporated into thin cyber-air.

Luckily, I had the original, untweaked code stored in my Test Page blog (the blogspot where I get my first glimpse of all new designs).

But I have no heart to do the retweaking just now. Maybe tomorrow. Sigh.

UPDATE: Finally, I've retweaked the whole blogspot. Can't remember my new links though. So for those who were in the list recently but are now gone, my apologies.

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