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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

entry arrow1:15 AM | The Daily Non-Sustenance

I liked this from The Beebox Girl:

Years and years back, when I was a single girl trying to make a place in the world as I knew it, I would buy the Sunday papers and all day I'd read it down to the last newsprint page; the ads to keep up with what's current in my field, the national headlines to be in tune with the times, the global news to keep tabs on the world's pulse. Each Sunday I would do this, and soon enough the stack of papers in the hallway was taller than me. I threw no issue away, thinking there might be a fact or a news item that I would one day need to re-examine.

But the time for verification did not come. I realized the news did not really change. Sure the names, dates, and places varied, but the content was the same: bullets kill, children starve, wars breakout, prices go up, priests molest, politicians get fat. No, nothing changed much. Except me. I began to notice that, after reading the papers I would end up in a foul mood, ready to argue issues to the death, angry at all the things that are so blatantly wrong with the world. I felt misled, betrayed, helpless.

So I stopped reading the Sunday papers.

As for me, I just read the Lifestyle section. And the comics. Read the rest here.

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