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Sunday, April 17, 2005

entry arrow8:09 AM | Giddiness

There is something about this Sunday that feels just right on the get-go. I woke up, quite early, feeling a tremendous sense of having really rested. There's a downy feeling to my breathing: a purr, if you must. And I float, like one so relaxed, the very air is a comfort bed. My belly muscle still aches, but I just ignore it. Mark has prepared my favorite brewed coffee by the time I opened my eyes, and the first thing I taste is the wonderful start of caffeine snaking through my throat, suddenly edging me more awake. And then I see there's already so much sun -- but of a gentle, summery sort. I cannot wait to go to my mother's house, and have lunch with her. I envision eating a lot of bananas. I love bananas. And she has a store-house full of them, bless her soul. Mark has turned on the television, to MTV, and they're playing the classics from the good old 80's. Imagine waking up to Bette Midler singing "Wind Beneath My Wings," Breath singing "Hands to Heaven," Madonna singing "Crazy for You," Whitney Houston singing "How Will I Know," Bananarama singing "Love, Truth, and Honesty," and Paula Abdul singing "Straight Up." Wonderful, wonderful. Mark said something funny last night before we went to sleep. He was watching Spider-man, and was quite disturbed by the fact that the superhero shoots his web through his -- wrist? hand? (No one really knows spider-people's anatomy.) "If he really has become a spider in man form," Mark says, "shouldn't he be shooting his web through his ass?"

He is funny and cute, no? I love this guy...

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