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Thursday, April 21, 2005

entry arrow1:44 PM | Tama Na! Sobra Na!

Huling hirit na 'to. It's getting tiring actually, if you ask me. I know I've been vocal about icky things like religion of late. Like what I told Resty, I hate debates about religion, because they make animals of us all. I really have no idea why. Considering that I'm a Church-going man (I am!) who reads the Bible a lot (I do!) and prays like crazy (I do!) and treasures my faith like it was the very glue to existence, I really don't know why I get into these tussles. The one thing I know is that I am Christian, but far from being a perfect one -- and also that I am very, very wary of dogma. One thing that strikes me now though is that, while I have a few debating sounding-boards online, usually over the medium of blogging comments, there are some who do their debates from some reservoir of spite that borders on madness. They are erudite, yes, but have arguments that appeal more to emotional, below-the-belt wrangglings more than any other. But there are some debaters I consider worthy of respect, even emulation. Resty Odon, for example. A brilliant man who treasures his faith, he makes his arguments from a well-spring of intellect that says it knows its history, psychology, sociology, and statistics. In other words, people like him actually know what they are talking about, and have the knowledge/informational evidence to back what they have to say. In other words, they are not stupid. The rest may blather all they want to kingdom come but they're all "pink idiots" compared to Resty. Now, let me talk about shopping ... Wasn't that outfit in that boutique just adorable for summer? I'd like to get it in blue.

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