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Thursday, August 04, 2005

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Sometimes, I astound myself with how I can do so many things at once, and not go crazy. (Actually, I am on the brink of insanity, but so far, I still have my wits about me.) Before I board the bus very early tomorrow morning for an important interview in Cebu, I've been doing my best to finish unfinished things. Paid my rent. Checked. Finished my two columns for Bacolod's Visayan Daily Star and Dumaguete's Metropost. Checked. Finished the Outstanding Sillimanian Awards Ceremony script, with the University President breathing down my neck. Checked. Made my Research Writing midterm exam and emailed it to my students. Checked. Made my Intensive Composition midterm exam and emailed it to my students. Checked. Finished tweaking and printing out my syllabi for those two classes and for my special Philippine Literary History class, to be submitted to the Department Chair. Checked. Researched on Rotary International. Checked. Got my laundry. Checked.

Forgot to have lunch, though.

Well, that's good, so far. When I come back to Dumaguete Saturday morning for a class with my English majors, I should be checking all those midterm papers, prepare my individual research guides for my research students, finish grading my majors' midterm papers, finish the editing of my stories for Dean's anthology and for the CANVAS competition, and if I can still breathe, write something passable for the NCCA Writers Prize as well. There's also the urgent matter of my anthology with Kit, and all those papers waiting to be finished for my MA classes.

Fine, no problem. I can ... do ... all these....

Basilio! Crispin! Asan na kayo!


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