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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

entry arrow9:46 PM | I've Been Splogged

I never thought I'd see the day when "spamming" and "blogging" would collide to form a new threat, this time to blogosphere: splogging. The term alone, coined by Mark Cuban, sounds retchingly nauseous. Palanca winner and tech-writer Joey Alarilla quotes Cuban as defining a splog as "any blog whose creator doesn't add any written value." Here's an example, which I got from my referrer list.

Unfortunately, I've been splogged. (Ikaw rin?) You've probably seen these dastardly things: they are those curious congratulary comments in Haloscan or Tagboard or your Blogger commenting system that tell you "what a wonderful blog" you have, and then direct you to links for ... cat-themed furniture. Cat-themed furniture! Even Viagra! In my secret poetry blog, I got this one from someone named "Beth", who is also named "Sarah" by the end of her missive:

Hi there,

I just ran across your site and enjoyed reading through everything.

I'm trying to get a blog going on my site too. But I dont think i have the patience to do it!


And then she gives the link to her "liquid nutritional supplements" site. Bitch.

The worst kind, however, is when you lose whole websites or blogs to spammers/hackers who have, without your knowing, transformed them to totally alien sites. I've lost three old blogs to these spammers; one of these is now selling German credit cards. This last one was the old Philippine Literature News blog, and thankfully The Pig Pond immediately alerted me of this curious case of "blog-theft."

Ay, naku. Some people are just shameless.

[via the babel machine]

[update: talk about irony. joey alarilla's blogpost about comment spam got a comment spam.]

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