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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

entry arrow12:18 PM | Tell Me About the Other Sides of Life

There are many things in life one does not blog about. Which begs the question: For whom do we blog? For ourselves? Or for the rest of the online world? This is supposed to be my journal, a very important part of myself because blogging allows me to weigh the ideas I have, or the stories I need to tell, complete with that welcome mechanism of instant feedback from my audience of two (or three) -- but the public nature of blogging, I know, basically censors my tendencies to complain, to be snide about things, to be graphic about adventures nobody talks about in polite society. And yet, despite that, I still pursue this very public of exercises. And often for the strangest reasons, too. Moments, Merely once said that conventional blogging has become an embarassing and blah ritual of personal angst openly displayed. Which is true: I barely blog about my happy moments; I barely even blog about my adventures, about my "exciting" (hahaha) offline life. I find that I blog only when I am alone, when I am deep in thought, when I am troubled. But also when I have something exciting to share. (Which is why you should read Dean's take on blogging over at Our Own Voice.) I guess this whole thing has become my proxy for formal therapy, with the entire world as my psychiatrist. Sometimes, I think, I do this from some primal urge to live in a glass house. Maybe I like being the object of voyeurism. Maybe I am just full of myself. Maybe...

Should I stop blogging?

Nah, I've tried that before, and always I find myself coming back like moth to flame. Like Cheshire Cat's dilemma (whose new link I can't share -- she made me promise!), blogging has become its own fascinating addiction.

So welcome to my world. Just don't mind me if I go around this space like a cocky peacock, preening myself. It's my space, after all.


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