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Thursday, September 08, 2005

entry arrow7:04 PM | Fiction as History

My silence? I'm cutting my teeth on historical fiction, two stories at the same time -- and my Lord, it's hard. Exhausting, in fact. There's research in the middle of the writing act, and I have to read many books -- including Mariel Francisco and Fe Maria Arriola's History of the Burgis, Caridad Aldecoa Rodriguez's four-volume History of Negros Oriental, and Bobby Flores Villasis and Merlie Alunan's Kabilin. Hovering around me while I write are the phantom influences of Chari Lucero, Dean Alfar, Nick Joaquin, Linda Ty-Casper, and Kit Kwe, and arrgh! always I am humbled by what came before me, before this attempt to fictionalize the life and death of one Diego de la Vina, the Spanish-Chinese mestizo liberator of Dumaguete from the Spanish, as well as the 1980's (real life) serial murders of beautiful coeds in Dumaguete by a young, handsome, charming, and very rich hacendero. Yup, it's Smaller and Smaller Circles all over again -- only that this one's all true in every gruesome, fascinating detail. Right now, I'm still using real names. I don't think I can publish with that, though: many of the personalities are still alive (except the serial killer -- who was killed in an ambush assassination -- and his victims, of course), and I don't want to stir any hornet's nest. Sigue, back to writing...

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