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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

entry arrow7:59 PM | More Random Finds (and Some Fleeting Thoughts) ...

... while I tackle the beginning of another school term...


A slice of Dumaguete in The New York Times. (It's all about the bangus nga kinilaw.)


Time's early signs of ambition. (Which gives me pause about my lot in life.)


SpongeBob is back! From CNN.com: "SpongeBob SquarePants is the most widely seen show in Nickelodeon parent MTV Networks' history... It has also generated nearly $4 billion in merchandise sales since its 2000 premiere. Much of that is adult-sized; about a quarter of regular SpongeBob viewers are adults, more than double the typical Nickelodeon show, Cyma Zarghami, Nickelodeon's chief executive, said. 'SpongeBob came at a time when the country was maybe a little bit blue, and SpongeBob was an endlessly optimistic character that came along and gave us a boost,' she said, trying to explain its popularity."

Naah, I don't think that's the real reason why, dearie...


Some utterly good news, specially that I had given up on the next few years as a conservative hell-hole. Bush is in deep, deep shit. Republicans are getting swept away from office. Intelligent Design in school just received its first big blow. Oh, thank heavens...


Barbara Jane Reyes reports from the Academy of American Poets, and finds some typical American bores.


What I would give to watch these...

on DVD again. These are some of my life's few movie-viewing pleasures... films that make me take pause, about the lies we tell ourselves to have beauty in our lives, about the subterfuge of resentment and loving that comes with every family, and about the artist in his process of creating....


I'm writing an essay, and I find myself listening to my old copy of the soundtrack to William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet by Baz Luhrmann, which I used to play over and over again in my Tokyo apartment.

I find myself still loving this album. Everything still sounds fresh here. Even soulful, and sometimes mad in that raw, beautiful way.


I like Keira Knightly, and find her beautiful just as much as the next man...

But her chin worries me. It's strangely distracting.

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