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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

entry arrow9:31 PM | April 30 Beckons Like a Threat and a Temptation

I will make my decision whether or not to join the Palanca contest this Friday. Dean and Nikki have already submitted theirs via email, and here I am still being wishy-washy. I don't like any of the stuff I have written, save for the essay -- which I believe still needs polish. The short story? Never mind. I have long since abandoned, too, my one-act play about Manuel Arguilla in the fever of writing the magnificent short story "Midsummer." And my children's story about a boy who discovers the magic of traditional music is not magical enough for me. Work and personal drama interfered. In any case, let's see how it goes this Friday. But I'm off to Bacolod tomorrow, and then back again in Dumaguete the very next day. And then off to Canlaon for the Labor Day weekend. Will I have any strength or imagination left? Let's see. I'm off to sleep now. I still have to catch the early bus for the five-hour trip to the other side of Negros.


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