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Monday, July 31, 2006

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Daniel Radcliffe, everybody's Harry Potter, will go all nude for a stage version of Peter Shaffer's Equus. (I know people who saved loops of him getting into the bath tub scene from the last movie. Perverts. Oh, wait. He's 18 now, right? But still. Harry Potter?)


Penguin Books blogs!


Art class makes you more literate, according to a Guggenheim study.


The 2007 PBBY Salanga Writers Prize is now open. So is the NVM Awards. Here are the details:

The 7th NVM Gonzalez Awards for the Best Short Story and Best Essay in English the period September 2005 to September 2006 is now open. Entries should have been published over the period of September 2005 to September 2006 in reputable journals and magazines. Six (6) copies of the short story and/or essay under a pseudonym should be submitted to Cezhel C. Macatangay at 63 Gomburza St., Area 1 UP Diliman, Q.C. 1101, together with a sealed envelop containing a copy of the original work where it was published, and a short bio-data and recent photo of the author. The deadline for submission of entries is 15 October 2006. For inquiries email nvmink(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Go, and send in something now.


Go buy the new Free Press. Dean has a story in it.


Here's some good news from an online friend, Fernando Gonzales:

Canvas is pleased to announce that Fernando Gonzales has won the 2006 Romeo Forbes Children's Storywriting Competition for his story "Ang Batang Maraming Bawal."

The panel of judges was composed of Lito Zulueta (arts and culture editor of the Philippine Daily Inquirer), children's book author and Palance Awardee Becky Bravo, and Gigo Alampay (executive director of Canvas).

The judges had a very difficult time choosing from a number of excellent entries. The other stories that were considered as finalists were: Charlene Dy's "Pico and the Magic Lunchbox," Gerald Tejada's "Doc Oying," Jonathan Siason's "Manuelito and the Red Balloon," Joanna Lim's "Juan Smith," Larisa Chavez' "Tatakas si Toto," Joseph Paul Villarosa's "The City in the Sky," and Dinah Ladia's "I, Reluctant Runaway."

The winning story, along with the stories that were shortlisted for the final deliberations, are posted in the Canvas website.

Congratulations, Don!

In another pleasant surprise, Dinah Ladia nee Baseleres (Ms. Nada for you Maxim readers) makes it among the finalists! Dinah -- Maria Kapra or Mitos Pitat for those of us who love her -- is one of my bestest college friends, a woman of such freaky genius she actually made rumors in school that she came from Mars. And people believed her. I miss this woman -- she is one of the best writers I know and I hate the fact that not a lot of people know that. But that should change soon. (Right, Dines?)

Read her short story here.


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