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Monday, January 29, 2007

entry arrow4:38 PM | Erased From Phone Book

Permit me to de-pressurize.

Makasapot jud kaayo. Here's this writer-friend, let's call him... Dixie. You text him, he doesn't reply. I can understand not replying to chain text messages and god-awful viral quotes and jokes. (I don't send out any of those.) I can understand replying late, because super-busy, because walang load, because... But not to reply to simple text messages?

(Basig naay bag-ong number, Ian. Nope. Same number. He texted the other week or so, to ask a question. That surprised me, made me happy. When I answered, however, the silence returned with vengeance. Ambot ngano.)

My paranoia goes on over-drive. Did I do anything to make him mad? Did I say anything bad that would merit a virtual silent treatment? have my old detractors been telling stories about me again? Did I...? Last week, I sent a small message, hoping to spark a little cinematic conversation. Wala pa rin. It's been like that since... since dugay na. Gisapot ko. Da, gi-erase lagi sa phone book. I mean, keber. You don't want my messages? Then I will not text you anymore. As for those detractors, ambot nganong ana na sila. Never did anything to them. (Except, maybe, out-write them? Haha. Pero makaluoy baya pud.)

And really, you reading this, it's not about you.

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