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Monday, January 29, 2007

entry arrow6:30 AM | From a Weekend on a Beach, to Monday Work Day

I kinda disappeared from this blog midweek last week. Truth is, I was busy with preparations for the Tiempo Tribute this coming Friday, and there are endless things to do since I just got the job of organizing it roughly a week ago, and so I am juggling a thousand things, fervently hoping nothing falls within my being able to catch it. And then Mark's cousin Jeffrey breezed in from Manila around Thursday, which required that typical "babysitting" tour around the city, checking out the local restaurants, going to Forest Camp, etc.

We just got back from a great weekend down south of Negros, in Antulang, somewhere in Siaton town -- thanks to good friends Annabelle Lee and Edo Adriano (and their daughter whom I call Scout, after the plucky girl in Harper Lee's novel) who've been trying to get us to their resort forever. Here's a shot of the place...

A sunrise, with photo taken from the infinity pool

This was the place where Alfred Vargas had that famous photo shoot for his nude and barely there picture coffeetable book, together with photography genius Ronnie Salvacion. Last weekend proved that stars could align, and Mark, Jeff, and I were off to this beautiful secret spot. Early Sunday morning, Mark and I woke up early to catch the sunrise, and to restage some of the shots Ronnie did for X-Ray with Alfred -- not quite successfully (who am I to out-shoot Ronnie?), since I had with me a broken digital camera that kept turning off. Still, we got some good shots, and called the exercise a small success. I will be writing about this trip within the week.

Right now, I'm easing into my Monday, with a sad acknowledgment that weekend's "play" has ended, and "work" is just beginning. And there are many, many things to accomplish...


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