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Friday, January 19, 2007

entry arrow5:03 PM | Infamous Answers in Beauty Contests

[because i'm both busy and bored...]

Host : If you had a foreigner friend, where will you bring him to showcase the beauty of the Philippines?
Girl Contestant : Bocaue.
Host : Bocaue. Why Bocaue? There are so many places in the Philippines? Why Bocaue?
Girl : Because it's a magnificent place.
Host : Which part of Bocaue?
Girl : The Bocaue Rice Terraces.

Host : What is your best feature?
Contestant : My graduation feature.

Host : What is you favorite motto?
Contes tant : If others can't why, why can't I!

Host : What would you like to say to foreigners?
Contestant : Please come back.

Host : What is your typical day?
Contestant : I think Saturday po!

Host : If you were to describe the color blue to a blind person, how would you do it?
Contestant : That's a very good question. Keep it up.

Host : What is your edge over the other contestants?
Girl Contestant : My edge... 23 years old.

Host : What, in your opinion, is the ideal age for marriage?
Girl : Between 24 and 25!

Host : How do you see yourself 10 years from now?
Girl : I'll be 28.

Host : What is the biggest problem facing the youth today?
Girl : Drugs.
Host : Why?
Girl : Mahal eh!

Host : What is the essence of being gay?
Gay Contestant : I'm proud to be gay because what is naked is essential to the eye!

Host : What makes you blush?
Girl : Blush on!

Host : What is the essence of a man?
Gay Contestant : Testicles!

Host : Hey, I heard you almost didn't make it, how did you get here? Did you ride or did you walk?
Gay Contestant : Of course, did you ride. What do you think of me, did you walk?

[emailed in by jan villegas]

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