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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

entry arrow10:32 PM | Bad Day

It's a wonder how the tiniest bumps in the road of your daily grind somehow ends up ruining everything in your plans for the day. When I came home today to do my weekly cleaning (so that I could recapture that elusive peace of mind that would allow me to work on my projects and responsibilities without disturbing an ounce of my obsessive compulsion), I found that I had locked myself out. I couldn't find my keys for the pad. Which led me to texting Mark who had a spare. "I'm in Hypermart," he said, "with mom and Love." (Love's his sister.) Luckily my brother Dennis was beside me -- he wanted to borrow some VCDs. I told him I needed a lift to farway Lee Hypermart. He snorted and said he had work to do, and that it was out of the way. Of course, being the youngest sibling in the family, I had my own magical ways to getting what I wanted. My poor elder brother ended up giving me that much-needed ride. Which led me to having some ice cream with Mark's family, which led me to other things. Including a disastrous late afternoon nap that gave me the seed of a headache. (I don't know why I've been geting a lot of headaches lately. The nauseous kind that totally flattens you out. Ugh.) Later, I was waiting for the Golden Globes to happen on TV when Mark said he wanted to take me out to dinner. Supposedly Chin Loong, but it was full. We ended up in Persian Palate. We were so full, it bordered on gluttony. That was when the headache began to throb for sure. I ended up not doing anything for the day. No cleaning, no work ... just sleep and Ponstan to get rid of the throbbing in my head. All this just because I forgot to bring my keys with me to work today.


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