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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

entry arrow9:14 AM | Books, Books...

Books spill over in my apartment, and I keep dreaming up ways to build new shelves in my already crowded place. Sometimes, when I clean, I throw a mantra over my library that goes: "I shall never buy another book if I can help it." All bibliophiles know this mantra -- and know how ridiculous it sounds, because it is largely untrue. Once, I was out shopping for bargain books with Nikki Alfar, Andrew Drilon, and Vin Simbulan, and I kept saying: "I'm not buying anything... I'm not buying anything," all the while picking up books from a stack, and proceeding to the counter to buy three. The truth is, books gladden, and receiving them as gifts can transport me to a minor heaven. Janet Villa, for example, sent over the following over courier, and my heart skipped a beat:

I'm a Munro fan, so I can't wait to get into this collection of short stories. Dean also gave me, besides the premier issue of The Digest of Philippine Genre Stories, the following for Christmas...

I've sworn to read at least two books a month, to make me sane again. (I tend to become forgetful when I don't read.) My reading list's full. Here's wishing all of us a new year of satisfied reading.

Thanks to Dean and Janet for the books!


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