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Friday, October 05, 2007

entry arrow2:26 AM | Here's to Challenge

For the next LitCritter challenge, we've set ourselves to conquering the universe beyond our writing comfort zone. A masculinist will find himself writing a believable and effective melodrama, perhaps in the style of Douglas Sirk. An ardent feminist will find herself writing a believable and effective story with a chauvinist pig for a narrator. Somebody who flails at dialogue will have to write a story using that device as the most prevalent element in her story. Somebody who disdains domestic realism will have to embrace it. Somebody who feels at home with spiritual themes will have to write a dark story about faith, in a world without God. Somebody who feels at home with homoerotic elements will have to write a testosterone-filled story, the likes of a Hong Kong shootout fest. The challenges go on. There are eight of us in LitCritters Dumaguete. Me? I'm supposed to write a funny story. Something truly humorous, in the vein of Alejandro Roces and Woody Allen. It's hard. Humor has no design, and simply refuses to be laid out in a formula. Something is either funny or not. The factor that matters is unknowable. So God help me.

How does one begin to write a funny story? Tell me, and comment away.


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