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Thursday, March 06, 2008

entry arrow10:49 PM | Withdrawal Symptoms, Part Two

God, I still miss you. Your voice over the phone a few minutes ago was all of comfort that I could snatch and own for the moment, but it also tells me there is this distance between us that teases and torments. You're there, and I'm here: a lesson in simple geography I do not want and refuse to believe in. And so it goes, all these overtures to incompletion, to distance. All I have now is my slow music -- my media player is going through the N's in my playlist right now, and so there's Noel Cabangon singing ""Nag-iisa Wala Ka Na" and then on to Norah Jones singing "The Nearness of You." I quickly realize how this taunting music underlines everything about tonight. How utterly charming is this musical coincidence? Stupid, lovely songs serenading a night that slides by so slowly it seems now that tomorrow will take forever to come. Outside, the streets are also wet with the rain: how apt is that, the asphalt dark as the midnight it embraces, dark as this missing. It's the universe in sync with how I feel. So let me tell you one more time: I miss you. Come home.

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