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Thursday, February 28, 2008

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I haven't really written anything since the story I wrote last month, and in many ways, that scares me. No, disappoints me. Because I had planned to churn out fiction like there was no tomorrow, because there really is no excuse for the parse inventory. Of course, I could always blame the unique and unexpected brutality of February with all its twists, demands, and medical emergencies. But that's just one big excuse. Still, there are the writing projects I have made firm commitments to finish (there's the anthology of Silliman fictionists I have been given a grant to compile and finish by August...), and just a while back, an American anthologist emailed me that he was including my story "Old Movies" in an upcoming book centering around the mystique of Ava Gardner. I said sure. Have never really been anthologized in the U.S. before, so this is something new. (Incidentally, that story is also the one story I've written that a famous French literary journal had translated to French. I have no idea what makes "Old Movies" so international, but it's all so interesting.) Then there's also the newish story in Ma'am Jing's new anthology, so I guess this year is turning out finer than usual. But still, I feel kinda stuck, and I really want to finish something new now. These days, I'm thinking about sexy stories more than usual, so that may be the direction I'd be taking in the next few stabs at fiction. A writer-friend (whom I can't name here, but is one of the best female writers of her generation) tells me she is actually writing erotica under a pseudonym for Danish soft-porn magazines, and is really excited about the whole genre. "Hey, why don't we do a trifecta of erotic writings -- an anthology of three!" she told me. I asked her, "Who'd be the third party?" And she said with glee: "Sarge Lacuesta!" Interesting. And so I told her, "I'm in." But let's see how this goes...

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