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Saturday, February 23, 2008

entry arrow6:13 PM | Hong Kong Sex Scandal!

Of course you remember those assorted geographically-specific porn flicks -- jumpstarted by the Dumaguete Sex Scandal video -- that made the rounds of our favorite pirates' DVD hoards a while back... Apparently, the whole phenomenon has jumped the South China Sea and is now wrecking havoc in our neighbors up north. I feel completely out of the loop -- been too busy minding other things that I forgot to keep track of showbiz gossip, and I didn't even know about this until I read a news bulletin in CNN.com, of all places: Edison Chen, the wildly popular Hong Kong film star (he was in The Grudge 2 and in Infernal Affairs, in a role that Matt Damon took in Martin Scorsese's The Departed) apparently has taken 1,300 pictures of prominent Hong Kong showbiz personalities in poses of various sexual acts with him. He had his laptop repaired, and unknowingly unleashed the scandal which is now rocking (and titillating) the showbiz world of Hong Kong and Taiwan. And the photos are frankly shameless. (The Hollywood Grind blog has the updates and the full photo collection .) Although, in fairness to him, they do show him in full, umm, glory.

Poor Edison then quickly hid to escape the pressure, and has only now emerged to apologize. (The female partners -- all of them prominent showbiz personalities -- have been hit hard by the scandal. One was just handed divorce papers, and another had her engagement nullified.) Edison has since announced his semi-retirement from the entertainment industry: "I admit that most of the photos being circulated on the Internet were taken by me. But these photos are very private and have not been shown to people and are never intended to be shown to anyone.... During my time away, I have made an important decision. I will whole-heartedly fulfill all commitments that I have to date. But after that, I decided to step away from the Hong Kong entertainment industry."

Read his blog here.

Maybe he should work in the Philippines. Mother Lily can give him a job, and he could become the next ST king, in films directed by Joel Lamangan.

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