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Sunday, February 17, 2008

entry arrow9:01 PM | The Origin of Hacienda Carol-an

Literary goddess Rosario Cruz Lucero has a vignette in this weekend's issue of Sunday Inquirer Magazine, following similar vignettes from Dean Francis Alfar, Sarge Lacuesta, and yours truly. We have the wonderful Ruel De Vera to thank for this short short fiction project of SIM, and I do hope this will last. An excerpt from Ma'am Chari's story:

She was going after a giant crab in the forest when a lightning storm laid the hacienda at her feet. Thus begins the tale of the origin of Hacienda Carol-an.

“Tala,” her Inay had called to her, using a mahogany stick to prod the climbing crabs back to the bottom of the kettle, “go and catch the crab. That one is for the special guest we’re having today.” The smaller crabs had boosted their leader up to the rim of the kettle so that it had climbed out, scuttled to the door, taken each rung of the ladder with a sideways hop, and then weaved, pincers snapping belligerently, between pigs’ hooves and chicken feet toward the freedom of the woods.

Read the rest here.

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